Vedaranya Healing


1) Vedaaranya Haveli Basic Tariff (CPAI):
Single Occupancy: Rs 4999 + taxes (inclusive of breakfast)
Double Occupancy: Rs 8999 + taxes (inclusive of breakfast)
Triple sharing room: Rs 12999 + taxes (inclusive of breakfast)

2) Vedaaranya Haveli - Heritage Package (Rates Inclusive of Taxes)
1 Night 2 Days: 7999 per person | 11999 per couple | 15999 triple sharing
2 Nights 3 Days: 13999 INR pax | 19999 INR per couple | 28500 triple sharing
This Includes:

  • Specially guided Heritage Walk /Tour through the spectacular heritage sites and painted temples, Chhatries ad Havelies of Ramgarh Shekhawati

  • Luxury Heritage Rooms with tea, coffee, snacks.

  • All Meals included.

  • Unlimited cups of tea and coffee served by our staff

  • Folk music and dance (free for 4 or more room bookings)

  • Chanting or Yoga (optional)



    3) Vibrational Healing with Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar (Saundaryaambika): One-day workshop:Rs 9500 per person

    4) Personal healing and consultancy with Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar (Saundaryaambika): Rs 5000 (60 minutes)

    5) Ayurvedic and Herbal Healing Workshops At Vedaaranya Haveli – Learn Secrets of Ayurveda for SelfHealing. Learn to heal yourself with our unique Ayurvedic and Unique Vedaaranya Herbal treatments and medicinal recipies. - 5500 INR per person


    6)4 days/3 nights Intensive Vibrational Healing Retreat at Vedaaranya Haveli with Saundaryaambika (Dr Shruti Nada Poddar): 25000 INR inclusive of accommodation, all meals and taxes)
    Includes: Personal interaction and learning powerful vibrational (Nada) healing techniques
    Learning Self- Empowerment and Personal healing with Vibrational (Nada) Techniques through
    ⇒ Sound
    ⇒ Music
    ⇒ Pranayama and Breath-work
    ⇒ Mudra Healing
    ⇒ Beeja Mantras
    ⇒ Basic Visualisation therapies
    ⇒ Free Ayurvedic supplements for each participant
    ⇒ One Free CD of Dr. Shruti's Chanting
    ⇒ Herbal healing teas
    ⇒ Elaborate and Healthy Rajasthani/ IndianCuisine
    ⇒ Ayurvedic Head and Foot Massage

7) One Week Nada Vibronics – Intensive Vibrational Healing Retreat at Vedaaranya Haveli - with Saundaryaambika (Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar) - An Inward Exploration And Healing with Nada Within Us And In Vibration Healing Practices, Nutrition And Other Energy Transforming Tools. 49900 INR per person. It Includes:

⇒ Vibrational sciences for Self- Empowerment and Healing
⇒ Music and Ancient Sound Healing techniques
⇒ Pranayama and Breath-work
⇒ Chakra healing with Beeja Mantras
⇒ Mudras for healing
⇒ Sri Yantra sciences
⇒ Sri Vidya Visualization therapies for purification and healing
⇒ Introduction to Ayurvedic healing
⇒ Healing with the Dasho-Mahavidyas (10 Wisdom Goddess)
⇒ Unleashing our Potential with the Four Maha-Shaktis
⇒ Inner Journeys for healing

⇒ Healing Massages
⇒ Personal Consultancies with Dr. Shruti
⇒ Free Ayurvedic supplements and medicines for each participant
⇒ Free Healing CDs
⇒ Herbal Remedies
⇒ Elaborate Rajasthani Cuisine
⇒ Ayurvedic Massages

8) CHAKRA HEALING AT VEDAARANYA HAVELI:The Chakra Healing Journey with Sound, Mudras, And Visualization Therapies through our Inner Worlds and vortices. 4 Days, 3 Nights- 30000 INR per person


Vedaaranya Experiences by Nada Vibronics Offer Special Courses and Creative Residencies Based On Indian Knowledge Systems, Crafts as well as Indian Healing and Meditation Technologies and For SelfHealing, Cultural learning, Self Development and Deep Healing for Travellers, Corporates, Artists And Other Target Groups.

9) The Local Food Making Workshop(Inclusive as an option in the Vedaaranya Haveli Stay Package):

(Learn Local Heritage Cuisine At The Enchanting Vedaaranya Heritage Haveli At Ramgarh Shekhawati, Rajasthan. Take back with you a gamut of Mouth Watering recipes of India from our Local Food Experts): Rs 1000

10) Lac Bangle Making Workshop:Rs 3000 per person

11) Wall Painting Workshop: Learn Wall painting techniques from local and seasoned artisans(Rs 4000)


    12) Discovering Art & Creative History through Wall Paintings Of Ramgarh Shekhawati with Vedaaranya Haveli Heritage retreat: Learning about History from the Spectacular Wall Paintings of Ramgarh Shekhawati – A Treat For The Soul! A Learning Adventure Of Wisdom And Cultural History Through A Profusion Of Forms, Stories and Imagery through Wall Frescoes Painted all over The Heritage Town Of Ramgarh Shekhawati
    1 Night 2 Days: 9999 per person and 13999 per couple (all inclusive) Two Nights and Three Days: 13999 per person and 19999 per couple (all inclusive)


    12. LEADERSHIP AND EMPOWERMENT WITH THE UPANISHADS – Learn secrets of Self-management and Leadership along with meditation and chanting techniques. Also included Heritage walks and all meals. A retreat for individual and collective transformation

    13. Offsite Corporate Retreat with Morning Chanting, Healing, Herbal Massages, Evening Folk Music and Dances, all meals included) 3 days 2 nights package all inclusive- 30000 INR per person (45000 per couple)
    (Weeklong, Weekend and & Day Packages For Groups also Available. Please contact for more details)

For more details contact:
Ghanshyam Das Ruia Marg, Ward No 10
Ramgarh Shekhawati-331024
Sikar, Rajasthan
Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar +91 9810078925

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